Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions turns each camera of a video surveillance system into a proactive remote guard. It combines on-site video surveillance technologies, sophisticated analytics, and the swift action and decision-making capabilities of trained security interventionists.

We Stop Crime.


  • Remote Guard Specialty Services

    Remote Guard Specialty Services

    The Eyeforce Live Remote Guard and Patrol system is the security solution you can depend on. This is true live monitoring where a dedicated operator keeps eyes on live video. Future-proof your system today and protect your assets while significantly reducing your spend.

  • Remote Guard Access Control

    Remote Guard Access Control

    Full integration between hardware and software enables us to deliver a connected building platform and a complete security management solution that includes access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, and 24/7 Remote Monitoring System.

    It helps you meet the most stringent compliance requirements for your industry and reduces your total cost of ownership by increasing operator productivity with superior flexibility and scalability.

  • Remote Guard Intervention

    Remote Guard Intervention

    Expedite law enforcement response times, increase the chances of apprehension, and minimize potential losses. Our Video Intervention service can significantly reduce false alarms and speed up police dispatch by scanning and auditing each alarm signal that your existing alarm detects.


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    Government-grade video surveillance and analytics detect unwanted, unusual, or suspicious behaviors, alerting crime specialists.

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    Security specialists deter crime by immediately and directly engaging the individual with a loud warning to exit the property and communicate with law enforcement.

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    Eyeforce provides proactive rather than reactive security, complete oversight of large, dark, or remote sites, immediate intervention that stops crime, and complete peace of mind.