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TRENDnet is a global provider of award-winning networking and surveillance solutions to both SMB and home users. Our solutions network countless devices to enable your connected lifestyle and workplace. TRENDnet’s diverse product portfolio includes managed and unmanaged switches, industrial solutions, Power over Ethernet (PoE), indoor and outdoor wireless, IP cameras and network video recorders (NVRs), fiber, Powerline, KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse), USB, and more.

Essential Networking and Surveillance Solutions


  • Wireless


    TRENDnet's wireless products keep you connected to what's most important to you at home or at work. Our wireless products include routers, access points, AP controllers, adapters, modems, antennas, cables, and accessories. Our award-winning wireless products can fit every need from reliable, budget-friendly options to high-performance networking devices. TRENDnet is a leader in price-to-performance wireless solutions.

  • Swtiches


    Network switches are designed to increase port density and/or to add PoE support to your wired network. TRENDnet offers a full-range of reliable switches: unmanaged, EdgeSmart, Web Smart, Layer 2 Managed, Layer 2+, industrial, and PoE. We also have a range of specialty switches such as surveillance switches, rail switches, NVR switches, and AV switches. Our switches are also available in different form factors.

  • PoE


    Power over Ethernet (or PoE) is a cost-effective way to provide power and data to a PoE-enabled device using a single cable, without needing to rely on available power outlets. TRENDnet's PoE solutions include PoE switches, injectors, extenders, splitters, access points, hardware controllers, network cameras, NVRs, and Powerline adapters. PoE  benefits include flexibility for remote installations, network scalability, and managed controls.

  • Powerline


    Use TRENDnet's Powerline adapters to create a reliable, wired network using your home's existing electrical lines. Use up to eight Powerline adapters on a single Powerline network. Use WiFi Powerline adapters to create a wireless connection from any power outlet. If you can't run Ethernet cables or network wires, create a PoE connection at any power outlet with a PoE Powerline adapter.

  • Surveillance


    TRENDnet offers a wide range of networked surveillance solutions for your home or business. This includes IP cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), surveillance camera management software, surveillance switches, and more. NVRs provide a simple, all-in-one solution to centralize your surveillance video controls to easily view, manage, and store your surveillance footage.

  • Fiber


    Fiber is ideally suited for long distance networking applications, up to 62.1 miles or 100km. Fiber networking is also utilized because it is less susceptible to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference; it provides better latency. TRENDnet's Fiber family includes fiber chassis, media converters, SFPs and SFP+ modules, and adapters, as well as industrial fiber solutions. 

  • Industrial


    Industrial switches, fiber media converters, SFP modules, PoE, and industrial power supplies are designed to work under the harshest conditions. These hardened industrial solutions function within a wide temperature range in environments with extreme heat or cold, and in areas with a high-degree of vibration and shock.

  • USB


    TRENDnet's USB products include hubs, adapters, docking stations, Bluetooth adapters, and cables. Hubs allow you to increase the number of USB ports you have available. Adapters let you turn your USB ports into HDMI, VGA, or Ethernet ports. TRENDnet offers USB and USB-C products with support for Windows® and/or macOS®.

  • Wired


    TRENDnet's wired networking solutions include routers / modems, adapters, patch panels, and a remote network monitoring device. Wired network connections provide a more solid and reliable connection compared to a wireless connection. Additionally, a wired Gigabit connection will be faster than any wireless AC connection. 

  • Keyboard, Video, and Mouse Switch (KVM)

    Keyboard, Video, and Mouse Switch (KVM)

    KVMs provide you with the flexibility of accessing multiple PCs or workstations from one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse. TRENDnet's KVM product family includes rackmount, CAT5, and Desktop solutions, as well as KVM accessories. 

  • Miscellaneous


    In addition to our other award-winning networking and surveillance solutions, TRENDnet offers miscellaneous networking products including storage, tools and cable testers, and other networking accessories, including power and rackmount kits. 




TRENDnet is a multi-award winning global brand, dedicated to providing a complete line of high quality yet affordable networking solutions for small to mid-sized business and home users alike. Building networking solutions since 1990, TRENDnet enables users to share broadband access, multimedia content, and networked peripherals for true anywhere connectivity.