Vigitron is a leading manufacturer of innovative video transmission solutions for both IP and Analog security system installation. Our wide selections of products are designed to utilize existing surveillance network infrastructures and extend the highest picture quality over the furthest distances, toughest environments, and specialized requirements. Performance, innovation, and reliability are the features you can rely on from the security leader in infrastructure solutions.


Innovative Networking Solutions


Symmetric Bandwidth (SBW™)
Maintains maximum bandwidth throughout specied distances for both upload and downloads.

Virtual Zero Packet Loss (VZPL™)
In network communication, information is transferred in Packets. Loss of Packets equals loss of information. Tested to RFC 2544 TCP/IP for packets sizes up to 9,000 bytes Jumbo Frames.

Pass-Through-PoE (PTP™)
Passes through the PoE power without interfering in the PSE-PD communication.

Extended Pass-Through-PoE (EPTP™)
The ability to pass 802.3af/at and PoE ++ up to 74W transmitting power at extreme distances with minimal power losses.

Mega Pixel Certied (MPC™)
Testing is done to manufacturers’ high-end Megapixel cameras. Vigitron products have also been tested by several IP camera manufacturers, resulting in their strong endorsements.

RFC Certified
Vigitron products are tested under RFC 2544 specifications for Packet loss, Bandwidth and Latency and the highest Jumbo frame size of 9,000 bytes, which provides the ability to transmit the largest megapixel size cameras with virtually no loss.

Hardened (HRD™)
Vigitron products are type tested for operation from -40°C to + 75°C under tough NEMA-TS2 transportation testing standards.

Low Power Consumption (LPC™)
The industry’s lowest power consumption, reserving needed power for PoE devices, and saving installation and operating costs.

Support Jumbo Frames (JFC ™)
Jumbo Frame compatibility assures reliable full bandwidth transmission of the highest megapixel cameras with maintaining image quality at high frame rates. Vigitron products are tested up to the full jumbo frame rate of 9000 bytes.

60W PoE
Vigitron PoE++ products transmit up to 74W power at extended distances to cameras with PTZ, IR Illuminators, heaters and blowers, eliminating the need for any local power supplies and power outlets.





Vigitron has been a leader in design and manufacturing of infrastructure transmission equipment since 1997. Vigitron is endorsed by the world's leading CCTV solution providers based on our dedication to quality, certified product performance testing, inter-operational testing with the world leading camera brands and offering the industry's longest warranty.