Video Walls

Video Walls

Visually stunning displays

DHM Enterprises LLC offers complete video wall solutions to increase your product's presence. High quality commercial video wall displays with extremely narrow bezels are used from simple 2x2 video walls to large grid video walls. Video walls can play just about any kind of content, and can even play multiple simultaneous content streams from the network, hard-drive, and other HDMI sources.




  • Multiple Configuration

    Multiple Configuration

    Customize your video walls to your liking. From simple 2x2 setups to large and complex arrays.

  • Leading Display Technology

    Leading Display Technology

    Wide viewing angle with anti-glare finish. Can be used in a portrait or landscape configuration.

  • Mobile Video Wall

    Mobile Video Wall

    A complete mobile 2x2 video wall built around two rugged transport cases that also form the stand.

  • Quick and Professional Installation

    Quick and Professional Installation

    Our technicians are well trained, experience, and strive to provide the high quality service.



Why do I need a commercial-grade panel?

Commercial-grade screens are made with heavy-duty materials designed to resist wear and tear. These panels are constructed to withstand long operating hours and can run 24/7 for uninterrupted promotions. Additionally, commercial quality screens can be used in multiple orientations and have smaller bezels.

Why are thin bezels on a screen important?

Narrow bezels are what visually distinguish one video wall from the next. Referring to the border around each screen - the smaller the bezels, the more seamless and unobstructed the image.

How can I play back content?

Each individual panel offers HDMI, DVI, and VGA connection ports that can connect to any compatible device.

What is Refresh Rate?

Refresh rate is the frequency at which an image on the screen is refreshed. Normally measured in hertz (Hz), the higher the refresh rate the smoother the image will look. Fast refresh rates of 60 Hz or higher are great for watching sports games and shows with quick movements.

What is IPS Technology?

IPS panel technology enables better control of liquid crystals, which in turn allows the screen to be viewed from virtually any angle. Because of this, these LG video walls capture the attention of more viewers regardless of their viewing position.

Can I install this myself?

We recommend professional installation for our video walls - Check out our installation services to find out more detail.